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Neuropeak PS (powder, fluid) is a phosphatidylserine derived from soy lecithin. It is available in powder or fluid forms.
Powder: Neuropeak 20P%, 30P%, 50P%, 70P%
Fluid: Neuropeak 20F, 30F

Neuropeak PS green (powder, fluid) is an innovative form of phosphatidylserine allergen free and non GMO, derived from sunflower lecithin.

Neuropeak PA 20-70% is a phosphatylic acid with concentration from 20 to 70%.

Neuro PEA 99% is a product containing 99% pure palmitoylethanolamide. FEA is a strong antinflammatory compound present in natural products (eggs, peanuts, etc.) acting at peripheral level. Its mechanism of action was discovered by Nobel Prize Levi Montalcini. It is available in cristal and flakes form.

Neuro OEA ia a product containing oleylethanolammide, belongs to the class N-acylethanolammide like PEA. N-Oleylethanolammide is known to be an appetite suppresor. Its pharmacological activity is well described in several scientific publications.

MTHF (methyltetrahydrofolic acid and its salts) is utilized in the prevention of neural tube defects in newborn or in case of low folic intake diet and in situations of reduced activity of folic reductase enzyme.

PC 50% fluid is fluid phosphatidylcholine 50% concentration.