and technology portfolio.

Fraupharma's mission is to supply innovative high quality products and services to the pharma industry.

To achieve this objective Fraupharma may count on:

  • experienced management
  • competent R&D team
  • modern and fully equipped laboratory
  • new GMP facility
  • strong technology portfolio

The R&D team is formed by young motivated group of scientists (chemists and microbiologists) with supervision of senior R&D management. The company cooperates with the University of Milan in the area of DNA recombinant technology.

The labs (800 sqm) are equipped with modern instruments: NMR 400 MHz (3 channels probe: C, H, P), HPLC Gas Mass, Preparative HPLC (12 l/h), liofilizer, fermentors, HPTLC, glove boxes, etc.

The facility is built in line with most sophisticated standards utilized in the pharmaceutical industry. The air treatment and the purified water system guarantee high quality level for the air and the water. The production facility is built with continuos surfaces (walls, florings) to minimize the microbial growth risk and is made of two completely indipendent units. Each unit has several self contained rooms operating in class C or D. The production units are endowed with a wide range of equipments (20 reactors, centrifuges, filter dryers, liofilizer, high vacuum distillation unit, rotating dryer, glove box, flaking machine, high and low temperature systems, fermentors) that allow flexibility and diversified technological options.

The company has competence in sophisticated areas of pharmaceutical chemistry:

  • phospholipids
  • prostacyclimes
  • cyclodestrine modification & complexation
  • hydrogenation
  • enzimatic chemistry
  • fermentation
  • liofilization
  • peptide synthesis