Our Manufacturing Facility

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Our Production Site

In our facility we produce all our ingredients and intermediates according to customers´ requirements.

The plant is situated approximately 20 km east of Milan and enables manufacturing according to cGMP regulations. It consists of a total of three production units and a storage establishment in two distinct buildings.

The three production units are physically divided in one nutraceutical and two pharmaceutical production areas. Each unit has their own air separation and filtration system and environmentally and biologically secure cabinets and rooms.

Our Goal

Our capabilities of substance manufacturing stretches across all scales, from small to large-scale manufacturing and our adeguately organized rooms allow us to produce multiple substances simultaneously.

With a wide range of reactor capacities, sophisticated equipment and expertise in various areas, we are a perfect partner for commercial manufacturing and supply.

Our teams work with speed, flexibility and high productivity and we provide a full support service including warehousing, temperature-controlled storage, full quality control release with all the supporting documentation.


Frau Pharma has always been an environmentally conscious company with great responsibility for minimizing the impact of our production plant on the environment and preserving the natural resources for the future.

We are able to maximize production efficiency while reducing its carbon footprint by using a monofluid heating/cooling system. A circulation pump ensures a constant flow of monofluid whose temperature can be modified depending on the heating/cooling needs.

A single fluid system presents a number of advantages over the traditional systems through the use of multiple fluids such as steam, water and brine. It presents no discontinuities or downtime due to the changes of fluids and provides excellent protection against thermal shock in glass-lined reactors. It provides no hot spots, little to no interruption of the process which in turn provides higher productivity and quality.

Contamination control

Contamination control is one of our main goals, and in order to minimise the risk of cross-contamination dedicated and self contained facilities are regularly controlled.

We implement a number of preventive measures and a management policy to avoid the chance of contamination of the starting materials, intermediates and the final product. Regular and well-defined contamination controls are important to avoid the presence of pathogens and impurities.

Health and Safety

At Frau Pharma we do our best to ensure our people and our products are protected against exposure and contamination. We highly prioritize our people´s safety and we do our best to secure that our employees stay safe and minimize the risk of injury.

Our organization works constantly to ensure that all safety procedures are followed.

Equipment & Technologies

Our production structure consists of sophisticated pharmaceutical equipment:

  • 19 glass-lined and hastelloy reactors with capacity ranging from 30L to 2500L
  • Filters and filter dryers
  • Centrifuges
  • Freeze dryers
  • Gloveboxes
  • Heat exchangers

Sterile preparation and sterilization of process vessels are of extreme importance in all of our production processes.

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